Ep.67 Laura Thorne – We’re all role models

Topics include:

  • Pen pals and friends from 6th Grade orchestra
  • Struggles with an external identity
  • Photography as a passion
  • Music is the fabric of our souls
  • Getting exposed to music through family
  • Getting through a conversation with the vet
  • Lyrics or no lyrics?
  • Hate your job? Quit!


Laura Thorne is the go-to for taking action to achieve Vision. She is a big-picture person with abundant technical ability. She has 25 years of experience in management, executive leadership, creating programs, and helping others navigate goals and achieve more.

With a background in science, arts, and business performance, Laura helps business owners and future leaders implement strategies to break free of the status quo and get beyond expectations by focusing on implementation of logic, systems, and processes.

It is Laura’s mission to cultivate and promote Role Model Leaders. She uses The Role Model Way™, a framework and philosophy, to deliver highly actionable consulting, facilitation, workshops, and leadership development programs for those who want to make positive impacts in their communities.

Laura Thorne