Ep.51 Melissa Brown – Literature, Music and Admin

Melissa and I have been married for almost 17 years, but she happens to be a singer who loves chamber music and musical theatre, and recently began playing cello as well – a lifelong passion. She is an authority on Spanish literature and enjoys diving into the psychological development of characters. More recently she became the Ambassador…

Ep.50 Celicia Slafter – Woodwind Specialist

Celicia is a Woodwind Instrumentalist that has been performing professionally for over 20 years. With a Music Business Degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, her early career was spent as a musician in the U.S. Marine Corps. She performed throughout the U.S. in ceremonies, concerts, and events like the pre-game show for Superbowl XLI…

Ep.48 Graeme Currie – The Bassman

“I’ve been all around this big wide worldfrom the big, big city to some one-horse townI’ve cruised through the desert under a big Texas skyand sat and stared in wonder at the Hollywood sign” Graeme has been playing his bass for 44 yearsHe has toured with the ‘Mr. Bigs’, improvised some jazz in ‘dives’He has…

Ep. 47 From The Podium with Rose Mallare

One last treat during the regular Classic Jabber crew’s Winter Break – a wonderful episode of Stephen P Brown’s 2017 radio show “From The Podium” with special guest Rose Mallare – Yes! The same Rose you often hear right here on Classic Jabber! Be prepared for some serious smiles and laughter, as only SPB and…

Ep. 46 From The Podium with Cathy Kersten

The regular Classic Jabber crew is on a Winter Break so here’s a twist: one of Stephen P Brown’s on-air radio show interviews with Cathy Kersten, who runs the massive State-wide Florida Marching Band Championships (complete with finals at Tropicana Field). What a fascinating discussion about the state of live music in the world today.

Ep. 45 From The Podium with Bob McCormick

During our Winter break, here’s an episode of “From The Podium” – an actual over-the-airwaves radio show Stephen P Brown hosted in 2017. This episode features the remarkable and never-tiring Bob McCormick, New Percussion Music Protagonist Extraordinaire and host of the internationally-acclaimed McCormick Marimba Festival at USF each January/ February.

Ep. 44 Value

Participants: Stephen P. BrownMelissa BrownCelicia SlafterColleen SchmidtRose Millar

Ep. 43 Inviting

Participants: Stephen P. BrownMelissa BrownCelicia SlafterColleen SchmidtRose Millar